Saturday, 16 May 2009

Femmes Fatale

''Southend-On-Sea is a portal to another topsy-turvy dimension where all the kids have immaculate style, impeccable taste in music, and intimidatingly refined cultural know-how. It’s said that each new born baby is issued with aNuggets boxset, the second Einsturzende Neubauten album, and a copy of Perfume.''

Ipso Facto, the pop-noir foursome currently making waves in music, hail from the same seaside town that was the birthplace of, amongst others, The Horrors, The She Set and These New Puritans. All I can say is, there must be something in the water, because as the above quote illustrates, they just look plain better than everyone else! Ipso Facto are no exception, matching their moody, 60's garage influenced sounds with an equally impressive dress sense. They often sport identical, Louise Brookes style jet black bobs and have a penchant for lace, leather and monochrome. They wouldn't look out of place in a silent movie, and their unique look is said to have inspired YSL's A/W08 collection. They are the muses of the promising new designer, Hannah Marshall, who favours tight, black, leather - perfect on-stage wear for the girl band on everyones (shiny black) lips!

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