Monday, 29 March 2010

Easy Like A Sunday Morning (Part I)

Sometimes in life, there are occasions that call for a stand-out dress so beautiful that it requires no other adornment (other than some liquid eyeliner and a charming smile, naturally.) But for the other 99% of the time, wouldn't it be wonderful to have a wardrobe stuffed full of perfectly-fitting, expensive-looking yet nonchalant basics? Imagine... You could more or less roll out of bed, blindly stick your hand in your wardrobe and put on the first few things you grab, and be highly likely to look pretty swish. That is the idea, anyway - it could go wrong if you happened to sieze three cardigans. But I digress! 

The idea behind it is that your attire focuses not so much on the individual items, but how they are all put together. That old saucepot Marilyn Monroe was allegedly enraged if someone complimented the dress she wore instead of her looks, which is admittedly a bit diva-ish but I can see her point. A modern day beauty who is also an excellent representative of basics-love is Alexa Chung. She has, in fact, just bought out her own range of what are her wardrobe staples - 60's style dresses, high waisted shorts and leather jackets. Here are some good examples of some finely dressed ladies, both modern and classic, who's ensembles call attention to their natural good looks and innate sense of style.

... These are the kind of outfits I could wear all day, every day. In my dreams. 

Now that you are (hopefully) won over by the 'basic' look, in part two I will present to you some lovely basics to make your own!