Saturday, 30 May 2009

Pretty Girls Make Graves

Have you ever noticed that when magazines do beauty awards, the winners all suspiciously seem to be new products and advertising in the magazine? Call me sceptical, but how could they possibly be the reader's tried and tested all time favourites - they've only had them a week! Now I'm not a beauty expect by any means, but I've been enhancing my ol' mug for over five years now and I reckon I've got a pretty good idea what works and what doesn't. For your peace of mind, I don't want to look like a page three model but I also don't go for the no- makeup look... So here is my list of beautifiers that grace my face daily.

Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation
Ahh if only I slept ten hours a day, then I'd have no need to paint my face. But I do so thankfully, there's this. It's a very thin, sheer consistancy with subtle shimmery particles that don't glitter and does look like it could feasably be your inner health, radiating from within!
Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat
Again, my lack of sleep makes this badboy neccessary to make me look alive! It never looks cakey and doesn't crease, and presuming you opt for the right colour it blends in perfectly. A word of warning though; once you've had this, no bog standard under eye concealer will ever do!
Chanel Powder Compact
Very matte, finely milled, good range of colours... Ok, ok, I will admit the packaging is a massive part of why I love this so much. If I have to whip out my powder for regular touch ups, I may as well do it in style with that classic interlocking C logo. Plus it does it's job very well, and lasts for ages.
Benefit Dandelion Powder
As a milk bottle white, dark haired girl, this is THE perfect blusher. Nothing could hold a candle to it. Bordering on baby pink, it has illuminating particles and somehow looks very natural on me. Plus I have had it for about three years and have only just began to see the bottom, therefore it's definately splurging on.
Benefit High Beam
Slight pattern developing here... I love natural shimmer, Benefit and cheek makeup. Cheeks are criminally under appreciated! This little gem either carves cheekbones where you have none, or enchances a killer bone structure, depending on what your mother gave you. For a night out, I like to dot it in a C shape along my brow bones and cheekbones, and tiny dots in the inner corner of my eyes and in my cupid's bow. It's a very subtle but effective way to enhance your skin.

Rimmel Professional Liquid Eyeliner
I like to draw on a little black winged line above each eye, every day. I feel naked without them. Admittedly I have never tried any fancier brand's liquid eyeliner offerings, but then again I've never needed to. Rimmel's goes on smoothly (and easily, once you know how), stays put, but comes off withut difficulty when it comes to face-washing time. 

Rimmel Glam'eyes Mascara
I need to be honest with you here... my eyelashes are a bit crap. They never look magnificent like other girl's do. I am either cursed with average lashes or I'm missing out on some secret application tip; I'm really not sure. However, this Rimmel one is the best so far, and I've tried many a mascara, even Chanel! It's not too clumpy or heavy, the brush makes it posible to push my eyelashes up and seperate them and it doesn't smudge all down my face. A winning formula, I think.

Boots No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in 'Angel' and Moisture Drench in 'Dare Devil'
In the book I am currently dipping my nose in, a French lady claimed that all a woman really needs is two lipsticks and a lover - a lipstick for day and night, and a lover for, well, loving. I can't assist with the latter but I can recommend two ideal candidates for your lipwear. Angel is the perfect, natural pinky-beige shade for daytime looks or if you opt for a smokey eye on the night. Dare Devil is a bold, pillarbox red with 'bluey undertones' (this is beauty jargon meaning it's not orangey red, and suits people with my colouring) perfect for nights on the razz! Simple.

Has anyone got a mascara they'd care to recommend me? What are your favourite products? Have you tried any of these, and did you like them? Questions, questions!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Girl With One Eye

Florence Welch (aka Florence and The Machine) and I have something in common - an intense love of all things sequinned! Particularly on tour, where she brings 'as many weird clothes' as she can pack, she displays an admirable collection of sparkly dresses, jackets and even hotpants that make us fellow magpies green with envy. She manages to avoid fancy dress connotations by having long, red Disney princess-esque hair, which in my books makes it perfectly acceptable to dress like life is one long disco. She also pulls off the toned-down look with aplomb, see the 3rd from last picture for evidence - checked and polka dots combo topped off with ankle socks, lovely! Here are some of my particular favourite looks of hers..

Monday, 25 May 2009

Dream Shopping

Since I am semi-insomniac and therefore unable to sleep, I decided to indulge in a bit of Dream Shopping. This pleasant activity is only considered dangerous if you a fairly extravagant type and may lead to Actual Shopping. This particular scenario involves me being set loose in Urban Outfitters with a million pounds.... Oh yes please! Who needs actual dreaming when you can do this?

The above jacket is not from Urban Outfitters, however it is far too lovely to leave out. It's from Topshop, and will hopefully be presented to yours truly on my birthday!

Sunday, 24 May 2009

This Is A Gift...

That's Florence And The Machine's latest offering... isn't it lovely? Directed by the wonderful Tom Beard, it has a very romantic fairytale-esque eel, and I've decided, I need some sort of crown! Enjoy :-) 

Oh, and a big thank you everyone who's been commenting on my posts - It's good to know people are reading and liking!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Wrapped Up In Books

I hope you feel very privileged because today, dear readers, I'm going to share with you a few of my favourite books. I know - I am too kind. (Sincerely though, I can't recommend them enough!) The following are books I keep re-reading, being inspired by and passing them on to my dearly beloveds...
Nylon: Pretty
Nylon magazine has arguably the most original approach to beauty journalism. Instead of just telling us what makeup was going down the catwalks that season, it refers to figures of pop culture as inspiration - not just your standard Audrey Hepburn either, but more quirky options such as Anna Karina and even Prince. This book compiles a comprehensive list of beauty icons from the 20's to the present, alongside cult products, ten most evocative perfumes, iconic hairstyles and illustrated makeup looks, alongside millions of inspiring beauty editorials. Written in amusing, intriguing fashion, I regularly look to this book for beauty inspiration.

The Cheap Date Guide To Style
Based of the now-defunct Cheap Date magazine, this book is rather unique and like no style book I have read before. Unlike most style books, it does not prescribe a specific formula to be considered 'stylish', instead focusing on experimenting, originality and making mistakes. It features interviews with style legends such as Anita Pallenburg, Vivienne Westwood and Chloe Sevigny. It's very student-friendly as the book focuses on CHEAP shopping such as charity shops and jumble sales, which is just as well because every time I read this book I want to go shopping. 
Burlesque And The Art Of The Teese/ Fetish And The Art Of The Teese
Dita Von Teese's wonderful book is split into halves - the burlesque half is saucy in a beautiful, family friendly way and the fetish half is, well, complete with rather risque photos of the stunning Ms Teese. Perhaps put it out of sight when elderly relatives or those of a nervous disposition are visiting. This book is a mishmash of autobiography, the history of burlesque and fetish and profiles of specific figures in the glamour field, all the while heavily scattered with amazing photography. The costumes are so decadent and beautiful your jaw will drop! But my favourite part is Dita's detailed analysis of the looks of the decade, and tips on how to reproduce them yourself. Dita is surprisingly humorous and you can tell she has a huge passion for all things vintage and burlesque.

The Perks Of Being A Wall Flower
Probably my all time favourite novel, I've read this a ridiculous amount of times and passed it on to pretty much everyone I know! It is a modern retelling of the classic Catcher In The Rye - another of my favourites. Written in the form of anonymous letters, it centers around the awkward, troubled yet intelligent Charlie and his life after his only friend killed himself. But this novel, despite the serious issues, is actually full of touching, heartwarming and laugh out loud lines as the introverted youngster makes new friends and even falls in love. 

The Rotters Club
I was inspired to read this after seeing the TV series aaaages ago (did anyone else see it?) and I'm glad I did! Set in Birmingham in the Thatcher era, it is a wonderful coming of age novel full of hilarious little anecdotes, such as the lovable protagonist, Ben, finding a pair of swimming trunks in a locker and seeing it as a sign from God!
The Virgin Suicides
The novel which my favourite Sophia Coppola film is based upon. Centered around the five Lisbon sisters as they begin to rebel against their parents, lose a sister, fall in love/lust and become imprisoned in their own home. A word of warning though: As the title suggests, there isn't a happy ending...

Ms Faithfull is one of my heroines and I took this autobiography out of the library merely to learn more about her life. I wasn't expecting such a witty, intelligent and fascinating recollection of one hell of a life. This lady has done everything from being filthy rich and bed hopping with The Rolling Stones, to being homeless and addicted to heroin. 

Born Again Vintage
I WANT THIS BOOK!!!! According to my research, it teaches you how to re-work unwearable vintage items into unique, covetable items. It sounds pretty amazing.

Has anyone read any of these books; if so, what did you think? What are your all-time favourite books?

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

8 reasons to go ginger!

Being a redhead is back in fashion, it would seem. Wikipedia tells me that only 1-2% of the world's population has red hair, although I reckon this statistic is considerably higher in the fashionable parts of London! The most unusual of all hair colours adds an extra flash of colour to your look and tends to come complete with lovely pale skin and freckles. Here are some of the finest examples around...

... Because red hair is so ravishing it inspired an entire Art Movement! Now if only my hair wasn't nearly black I would be muchos tempted to reach for the dye....

Sunday, 17 May 2009

About Your Dress

If I could just wake up tomorrow and find this little number in my wardrobe...

...that would be wonderful, thank you!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Femmes Fatale

''Southend-On-Sea is a portal to another topsy-turvy dimension where all the kids have immaculate style, impeccable taste in music, and intimidatingly refined cultural know-how. It’s said that each new born baby is issued with aNuggets boxset, the second Einsturzende Neubauten album, and a copy of Perfume.''

Ipso Facto, the pop-noir foursome currently making waves in music, hail from the same seaside town that was the birthplace of, amongst others, The Horrors, The She Set and These New Puritans. All I can say is, there must be something in the water, because as the above quote illustrates, they just look plain better than everyone else! Ipso Facto are no exception, matching their moody, 60's garage influenced sounds with an equally impressive dress sense. They often sport identical, Louise Brookes style jet black bobs and have a penchant for lace, leather and monochrome. They wouldn't look out of place in a silent movie, and their unique look is said to have inspired YSL's A/W08 collection. They are the muses of the promising new designer, Hannah Marshall, who favours tight, black, leather - perfect on-stage wear for the girl band on everyones (shiny black) lips!