Friday, 27 November 2009

Everbody Needs An Education

Today I'll show you some lovely images from the delightful new film, An Education. Set in the early 60's, the story is set around sixteen year old Jenny, played by promising new comer Carey Mulligan. Jenny is interested in good books, music and all things French, yet her parents are pushing her towards Oxford. She is bored beyond belief until and a handsome - and much older! - suitor comes along, and her life is turned upside down... but I shan't spoil it for you! My personal highlight of the film was the Parisian sequence, which reminded me of a cross between A Bout De Souffle and Funny Face... wonderful, non?

Aside from an intriguing coming of age story, a witty script written by the excellent Nick Hornby and some Lula magazine-worthy imagery, it features some absoloutely beautiful costumes. Jenny transforms from a pretty school girl to an Audrey Hepburn-esque stunner before our very eyes, in brocade shift dresses and chic up-do's courtesy of the equally well-dressed, loveably dim-witted Helen. It's not just the girls, either; the gents are equally dressed to the nines. Anyway, I hope you are inspired to go and see this film, it is well worth the hype it is recieving, not just from yours truly but everyone coming out the cinema! Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I simply adore your blog and this movie! I look forward to more posts! thanks!

Page said...

I love your blog and this movie is my favourite of all time!! lovely!! I'm planning on doing a post on An Education too haha.. :) be sure to check it out! :)