Wednesday, 6 January 2010

You Say You Want A Resolution?

I know, I know; six days into the new year, this is rather late off the mark. I don't know about you, but I think resolutions can't REALLY begin until all the festive food is gone! Your average resolution - for example, 'this year, I must stop eating cupcakes none-stop' -  is rather depressing, which is surely getting your new year off onto a miserable start, non? So here are a few more, shall we say, frivolous little things you will have much more fun sticking to...

Start matching your lips to your nails like they used to in the good ol' days... even if they are mint green!

Kiss more! Spread the love.

Don't save your red lipstick just for the night-time.

Enjoy the most dazzling coloured cocktails for a night to remember, even if the details are a little hazy.

Take photos of everything, then stick them all down in a beautiful book. Show your future grand-kids what a wonderful wardrobe granny had.

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